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August 12, 2009

Coming Soon … Sermon Audio

With the help of Bobby Gilles of Sojourn Community Church, we have figured out how to post links to sermon audio files.  We will begin uploading sermon files and the links to our website as soon as we can.  Thank you for your patience while we’ve converted how we best communicate to the world.

August 4, 2009

Test post of an audio link

This post may be deleted. Here is a link to the mp3 file for 2008-11-09 In theory, you can click the link and play, or right-click and download to your computer. Thanks for playing!  Keep on praying. UPDATE – The link was removed because it didn’t work.  More research and a new link soon.  Let’s […]

July 26, 2009

Reigniting the VSBC Blog (Version 2) will soon be going offline, as the members who were maintaining it have moved to another church.  VSBC thanks Josh and Jaclyn for their help with the web site over the past few years — the Technical Support Ministry truly appreciates the work you did. In the next few days, you will […]