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A handful of members gathered for a time of fellowship, songs and Bible Study.

Interim Pastor Ben Dockery opened the service with a reading from Psalm 84. Mickie Bainter took hymn requests so the congregation could sing together:

  • 426-Victory in Jesus
  • 142-There is a Fountain

Tonight’s study was interactive. Dockery grouped the gathered into two teams and presented them with a topic: The Youth Minister wants to take the kids to an “R” rated movie, having language and violence but no nudity. One team is “OK” with this while the other team is “not-OK” with this. The teams were challenged to defend their positions using scripture. Both teams were able to present scripture to support the position. Dockery discussed different thoughts on how Believers are to participate in the world — by being involved, being totally removed or being a mixture of both.

Dockery took the question presented and expanded it to other ideas

  • Are Christians responsible to know precisely where their spending dollars end up? (i. e. Does buying a coffee at a national retailer end up supporting questionable activities)
  • Should a Christian get involved in politics so they can set policy?
  • Can a minister go to a bar to watch a football game with people he is trying to lead to Christ?

Much discussion was had, and while not all comments were picked up on the recording, you are welcome to take a listen.  Click on the controller below, or right-click on the date to save the file to your computer.

01/24/2010 PM (Ben Dockery)