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A small gathering of VSBC members joined together for songs and Bible study. Interim Pastor Ben Dockery read John 3 and opened the session in prayer. Mickie Bainter, with help from her 7-year old son, lead two songs:

  • Soon and Very Soon
  • It is Well With My Soul

Dockery returned to the podium and read John 4. Having earlier explained that tonight’s study is very much interactive and a “Q&A” session, he dove right into tonight’s topic.  Due to the Q&A format, a recording was not feasible.

What are the steps that a new believer takes?

Scenario – A new person to our church writes on a response card that he has accepted Christ. What happens next?

  • Being accepted into the church membership after the next business meeting
  • Attending Sunday School
  • Participating in church fellowships.
  • Interacting with the person during the Welcome time of morning worship.
  • Make sure they have a Bible.
  • Encouraging participation in social activities (lunch after church, invitation to a member’s home, etc.) outside of church.

These are characteristics of what Jesus had: disciples who went and made more disciples.

Have you personally been disciple?

  • (A pole was taken.)

Have you ever participated in disciplining someone?

  • Joe Gross gave testimony that someone once approached him and said that he had been watching Joe, and learned from Joe’s actions.
  • Bainter told the story that she had lead several people to Christ while a counselor at a summer camp. She learned this past summer that one of those persons was a cousin, and her uncle was very glad that the family connection had such a pivotal impact on their immediate family.
  • Dockery mentioned that as parents, we are always showing (or not showing) Christ’s image to children.

Do you think of yourselves as “disciple makers?”

  • We often invite people to come to Sunday School, church services, our homes. There is nothing wrong with this, as Christ modeled that with, “Come, follow Me.” At the same time, we are to “Go and make disciples.”
  • Michele and Bob Cull’s daughter said that you can find someone who is trying to be a Christian, then help them learn about God.

Dockery closed the service with a prayer.