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Bright sunshine and warming temperatures brought many members and guests to Worship today.

Deaconess Betty Jeffries opened today’s service by reading Psalm 148. Minister of Praise and Worship, Johann Kim, emphasized the text’s message of God having created us to praise and encouraged the gathered to return that praise through the songs of the opening set

  • I Sing the Might Power of God
  • How Great Thou Art
  • Before the Throne of God Above
  • Spirit Song

At the end of the opening song series, Kim introduced a group of students from the University of South Florida, who are in Louisville this week to share Christ’s love through service to men at a local homeless shelter. The group, led by Lauren Ragsdale, sang “The Stand” by Joel Houston. An extended period of welcoming and greeting one another was given so there would be plenty of time to hug everyone’s neck.

The choir ensemble sang “We’ve a Story to Tell” and the congregation joined on the final stanza. Interim Pastor Ben Dockery introduced this week’s sermon by highlighting that the previous song spoke much of darkness and light. This week’s lesson speaks to that same matter — walking in the light or walking in the darkness.

Pat Meek read Luke 16:14-31 and then the gathered sang “Satisfied” from the Baptist Hymnal. During the time of offering, the Cull’s daughter played “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.”

Dockery opened the sermon with a visual illustration: The stage lights were off, and he talked about turning on the lights.

“Now this is the message,”  he continued. “The fact that we have this knowledge is the the most gracious thing given to us. The fact that God spoke to us, not hidden from us, is the gracious gift to us.”

The writer, John, had started a church, appointed some leadership and left. When he came back, he learned someone had come in and was teaching incorrect information. John was able to say, “I was there. This is what happened and this is how it is.”


  • Exposes what is hidden.
  • Grows and gives life
  • Cleanses
  • Shines, reveals, or tells.

The problem: If we say that we walk in God’s light and do not, we are lying. If you are not walking in the light, you are walking in darkness.

The solution: Look to God, who will forgive our sins.

John is writing to his ‘children’ and does not provide an ultimate decision, so they will trust God.

You can listen to the sermon by clicking on the player, or right-click on the link and save the file to your computer.

March 7, 2010 AM (Ben Dockery)

The service concluded with a song of response and reflection.  Mickie Bainter and Michele Cull presented announcements, including a special called business meeting next Sunday as the Pastor Search Committee is ready to present a candidate to the members of Vine Street.  Dockery concluded the time together with a reading from 1 John, and a prayer to bless the food and fellowship that took place immediately after the service.