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Vine Street Baptist Church will host a viewing of the ordination service for their new Pastor, Ben Dockery.

Having felt the call to ministry at Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, TN, it is fitting and appropriate that he should return there to be officially ordained into the ministry.  Dockery will be surrounded by family, friends, men and women who have seen him grow in the LORD and have helped nurture his walk to this point.

While some members of VSBC were able to travel to Tennessee for this momentous occasion in Dockery’s life, many friends and members could not.  The idea of a live video feed came to mind by one of Dockery’s church members.  Technicians at both churches have been communicating throughout the past week and feel reasonably sure that a live feed between the two buildings can be done. It was decided that the evening services at VSBC be a participation in Dockery’s ordination service.

VSBC will open the doors at 7:15pm. The service in Jackson begins at 7:30pm (Eastern), 6:30pm (Central).