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Members and guests of Vine Street Baptist Church gathered to worship God through song, hymns, and the reading and preaching of His word.The service opened when Deaconess Betty Jeffries read Psalm 86 and prayed for the time together. Guest Music Leader Blake McKinney said “Our God’s name is glorious. These songs remind us of this.

  • Blessed Be Your Name
  • Holy, Holy, Holy
  • Before the Throne of God
  • Jesus Paid it All

After a time of fellowship, Pastor Ben Dockery brought some announcements to everyone’s attention:

  • A preview of today’s sermon and a note that there is no evening activities
  • There is a church-wide Business Meeting next Sunday night
  • Men’s Prayer Breakfast is September 24th. Nathan Ivey from SEED Ministry will be speaking.

Pastor Ben spoke of some health concerns, then lead the congregation in prayer. Associate Pastor Dwayne Ewers read Hebrews 9, then the gathered sang Nothing But the Blood. While the offering was being collected, McKinney sang My Heart is Filled.

Pastor Ben took to the pulpit with a message from James 1.

September 4, 2010 AMThe Life of Wisdom – James 1 (Ben Dockery)What is your plan?  What are your hopes for your family? What do we plan to do as a church?Actions:
Pray – Take time to listen to God as He develop ideas and desires.
Take in the Word of God – Read the Bible

  • Maybe while you are eating breakfast, or putting a ‘lunch appointment’ (or some other time) on your calendar to specifically take time to read.
  • Write down notes as you read.  If you get distracted, write the distraction down at the bottom of the page and rip it off and take it with you when you’re done.
  • Read books – see if the Lord uses ‘study time’ of Christian living or Christian biography to inspire new energy.
  • Listen – to the Bible on audio, to sermons that are posted online, etc. Hear the Word read and preached in church.
  • Memorization – write a verse on a card, put it in your wallet or on the dash of your car, so that you see it often and can read it often.

After Pastor Ben brought the preaching time to a close with a word of prayer, the gathered sang There is a Fountain, the partook in The Lord’s Supper together. The service closed with a singing of the Doxology.