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Rain, rain and more rain! This is all that Louisville saw for the past several days. Sump pumps all over the city are getting a workout.  But the clouds are started to roll away earlier today and the people of Vine Street Baptist Church were ready to come to church.

Today’s service began as Pastoral Assistant Derek Minton welcomed everyone and read Psalm 130.  Nolan Hodge, another Pastoral Assistant, played the piano as he led the gathered in singing Just As I Am. A time for everyone to greet one another was given, then Derek gave a few announcements.

  • Statement of Faith teaching continues tonight at 6:00pm.  Tonight covers Articles 5-9
  • Women’s Bible Study meets this Tuesday.  FMI: Taylor Harmon.
  • Nursery Workers are needed.  If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Mickie Bainter to find out when is the next training session.

Derek said a prayer, then the ushers collected the offering.  Nolan introduced a new song and spoke about how it relates to our study of the book of Ruth.  He sang the song, then the congregation followed singing more songs of worship.

  • I’ve Had Questions (Special music)
  • Blessed Be Your Name
  • There is a Redeemer

Senior Pastor Spencer Harmon read today’s sermon scripture, then delivered the message. The full audio can be heard by clicking on the date link below, or right-click and select “Save As” to save the file to your computer.  Click on the scripture reference to follow along with the reading.

Date Reference Title Speaker
February 25, 2018 Ruth 3 Risky Faith Spencer Harmon

After the sermon, everyone stood and sang All to Jesus, I Surrender All during a time of reflection. Derek closed the service with an invitation for anyone to speak to a pastor after the service about church membership, becoming a Christian, or to discuss today’s sermon. He read Titus 2:11-14 as a benediction, then dismissed the group.