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Below is a recap of the Announcements that Pastor Mike delivered during our recent Livestream

  • Sunday evening and Wednesday evening services are canceled for the week.
  • Members are encouraged to continue giving of tithes and offerings.
    • We have online giving methods through the website or via a downloadable app. (Check out the Giving page of the website.)
    • You can also mail a check to the church at 960 Vine Street, Louisville KY 40204. Checks are dropped into a secure mail drop which is checked regularly throughout the week.
  • Online events throughout the week.
    • We will have a prayer and worship meeting that will go from 8pm to 9pm. We’re holding these events later so that our families with children can hopefully join us when their kids are in bed.
    • Online events will be on Zoom. A link will be posted on Facebook this Wednesday and emailed to members.
    • Other groups may have some online as well.
  • A weekly devotional will be sent out via Facebook and email. Look for those links!
  • The Deacons and Pastor Mike will be regularly checking in with church members. Don’t be alarmed when you get a call!
  • Lastly, as we continue to listen to federal and state recommendations about when it will be safe to gather together again, we’re realizing this may be a new normal for weeks if not months.
    • In this age of social distancing, we will have to work all that much harder to be the body and to stay invested in one another’s lives.
    • You are encouraged to call one person every day.
    • A membership directory will be emailed this week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the church leadership. Check out the Leadership page for contact information and how to reach Pastor Mike, Pastor Dan, Deacon Chandler, and the others.