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Vine Street Baptist Church is please to welcome Melissa Meader from EDGE Outreach to our next Souper Sunday.  Melissa will tell us a more about EDGE Outreach, what they do to reach people for Christ and more specifically what EDGE is doing in response to Haiti earthquake relief.

Souper Sunday. Fellowship Hall

February 7, 2010 . 6:00pm

(Don't worry -- that football game will still be on when you get home.)

Souper Sunday is a time for members and guests to fellowship over a light meal, usually a soup, and relax with one another.  Good food and good conversation are always on the agenda.  We will conclude our time that evening with a special love offering for EDGE Outreach.

Tyler Pelan, friend of VSBC, is one of the team members traveling with EDGE Outreach.  (Church members may remember Tyler and his wife, Cassie, as being the photographers for the weddings of former members Michael & Elizabeth Snearly and John & Johanna Snearly.)  Between installing water purification systems and teaching local people how to use it, Tyler found a few minutes to photograph what is happening there.  Here is one of many inspiring images.  If you want to see more of his work, please be sure to check out his website,